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External Frame Grabbers  (外接式影像擷取模組)

iPORT CL-U3 (型錄)

Simple to integrate USB3 Vision video interface for Camera Link Cameras

  • Transmits video from Camera Link Base or Medium mode cameras over USB 3.0, with low, predictable latency

  • Throughput approaching 3 Gb/s

  • Plugs into a wide range of computing platforms without needing a PCI/PCIe frame grabber

iPORT CL-GigE (型錄)

Transmit video from Camera Link Base cameras over GigE across a wide operating temperature range

  • Line scan and area scan modes

  • 120 MB frame buffer

  • IEEE 1588 support & integrated PLC

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and externally powered options

  • Supports extended temperature operating ranges

iPORT CL-Ten (型錄)

High-performance GigE Vision 2.0 connectivity for Camera Link Full and Medium cameras over 10 GigE links

  • iPORT CL-Ten Full supports transmission from a single Full mode camera

  • iPORT CL-Ten Dual Medium supports simultaneous transmission of 2 Medium or Base mode cameras

  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL), PLC, and RS-232 & GPIO

iPORT Analog-Pro  


Preserve investments in existing cameras and optics, while converting to fully digital video connectivity

  • Transmits two independent channels of analog composite video over GigE with low, consistent latency

  • Built-in de-interlacing algorithms

  • Supports square pixels

  • RS-232 and GPIO to control external devices



High-performance GigE Vision connectivity for LVDS cameras

  • Transmits video from LVDS cameras supporting the TIA/EIA 644 standard over GigE with low, consistent latency

  • Built-in PLC for advanced real-time synchronization and triggering & RS-232 and GPIO to control external devices

iPORT SB-GigE-EV7520A (型錄)

Leverage the long-distance cabling and multicasting capabilities of GigE for Sony block FCB-EV7520A cameras

  • Transform Sony block FCB-EV7520A camera into GigE Vision camera and transmit full-resolution images at the maximum rate supported by the block camera
  • Power, control, and video over the same cable
  • Plugs into a wide range of computing platforms without needing a PCI frame grabber

vDisplay HDI-Pro (型錄)

Compact, low-power replacements for PCs at display monitors

  • Solid-state device for display of video from GigE Vision-compliant cameras over an HDMI or DVI interface, with low, consistent latency
  • Auto-senses monitor resolution and refresh rate capabilities
  • Autonomously controls GigE Vision-compliant cameras without the requirement for a software control application


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