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Rugged Networking (強固型網路影像)


RuggedCONNECT Smart Video Switcher (型錄)

Scalable, flexible approach to real-time video sensor networking

  • All-in-one rugged unit for video capture, processing, streaming, and display
  • 8 video inputs (RS-170/NTSC/PAL) and 2 independent DVI-D displays
  • Eases design of standards-compliant vetronics imaging platforms
  • Address SWaP-C demands for sensor management systems


Feature-rich SDK for developing LSA and C4ISR platforms receiving and transmitting VIVOE and GigE Vision video streams

  • Design software that receives Def Stan 00-082 and GigE Vision video streams
  • Image capture, display, and transmission through a simple API portable across Windows and Linux
  • Works with GigE Vision and VIVOE compliant devices from any vendor
  • Sample applications and Player Toolkit accelerates development


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